Funnels, Funnels everywhere

Online, Offline, Offpage – omni-channel content marketing is non-optional

A form-fill is just the beginning…

Filling up a CRM with Leads is easy. Pushing those through life cycle stages and converting them to customers isn’t.

Challenges tackled:

  • Holistic B2B Demand-Gen Strategy based on Target Accounts & Personas along your ICP (Ideal Customer Profile)
  • Inbound Demand Funnel definition and setup – by lead sources, channels and assets against investments.
  • Outbound / ABM Demand Funnel definition and setup – based on ICP: firmographics, technographics and contact details data enrichment
  • Omni-channel Branding (Trade Shows, Newsletter/Webinar promos) & Performance ABM (Account-Based Marketing) execution
  • Digital Marketing: 3rd party promotion (e.g. newsletters, webinars – media planning DACH, UK, US), Social Media (e.g. Lead Gen Ads incl. CRM audiences and ABM targeting), SEM, Retargeting
  • (Inside) Sales follow-up & outreach: cadences
  • Marketing: nurturing campaigns (GDPR compliant)